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milleniumstar's Journal

~*Leonie Sayers*~
1 April 1984
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This journal is created strictly for roleplaying over at ygodressing <3

Character: Leonie Sayers
Series: Yugioh DM
Original or Alternate: Original, She's a OC
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Appearance: Leonie is a rather petite sized female, She has long lavender hair which she usually holds back with a yellow hairband, It's rather obvious also her favourite colour is pink, so that's a colour she rather enjoys wearing, The reference pictures for Leonie are actually edited pictures of Umi Ryuuzaki from CLAMP's Magical Knights Rayearth, Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket and Azmaria from Chrno Crusade.

Personality: Leonie above all things is extremely naiive, You could tell her anything and she would immediatley believe what you'd tell her, It's the very reason she allowed Malik to do whatever he wanted with her, as long as her parents were kept safe she didn't care. She's extremely fragile and weak and will cry at almost anything especcially when she sees people she cares about being hurt or harmed in someway. Leonie wants nothing more than be able to stand up for herself and face her own battles but often she shys away from conflict unless she absoutley feels that she must do something.

Notable Possessions: Her millenium item which has the power to grant wishes, also more recently the deck Mr Trueman gave her which she still has to use at some point.

History: Leonie Sayers is a extremely quiet and shy girl, she very rarely sees her mother and father as her father is a archaelologist...Leonie's parents often fought and she hated to see them that way. That was until her father brought her back something from one of his expeditions, a strange looking gold item, Not unlike Ryoh Bakura's Millenium ring only with a star in the middle. One evening Leonie could hear her parents arguing louder and louder and as she grapsed tightly to her item she wished more than anything that they would stop and they'd be happy...a few moments later there was utter silence and for the next few days Leonie's parents were happy and peaceful, it appeared that Leonie's item had the power to grant her wishes...

Leonie was scared that she had actually been able to do this, And she often questioned herself about was it right to do something like that, But if they weren't fighting that meant they were happy...
And that they were until one evening Leonie found strangers in her home - The Rare Hunters they had kidnapped Leonie's parents and it was then Leonie met Malik...Malik knew that such a sweet, shy girl could be easily be manipulated into doing anything he wanted especcially seeing as her parents lives were endangered by this maniac...She simply had to become friends with Yugi and steal his item away from him to give to Malik, If not then he'd force her to do so against her will with his Sennen Rod...and threaten her parents lives even more.

Leonie would give anything to be braver for the most part she's very outspoken and gentle for the majority hiding her true feelings away from everyone else because she feels useless and weak in comparison to those around her.

Yu-Gi-Oh! © Kazuki Takahashi
Leonie Sayers © saft